An Alternative Approach To Making It In The Music Industry?

Hello, my name is Jonny Moon. Well that’s not my real name, call it an alter ego if you will, for a budding singer songwriter. I love performing live, it brings life to me; I am at home on the stage. This is my first attempt at a blog.

I’m 44 years old and haven’t made it in the music industry yet, but intend to change that in the next twelve months.

For some time now I’ve wanted to write and record an album of roughly twelve songs. The problem has always been a lack of commitment, mostly procrastination on my part as a result of having no deadlines to work to; I need a habitual project that will focus my energy in a positive way; this blog I hope, will act as a conduit for doing so.


I’m going to give myself a deadline of writing and recording three songs every month. I will then aim to present the recordings to a variety of established artists (whom I love) that may be playing certain small venues and see what happens!………Yes, I’m quite prepared to be let down at every juncture here; I can roll with one hundred percent rejection, however the journey may very well be more fulfilling than the goal of making it in the music industry. What’s the worst that could happen?


It will basically be the ongoing story of how the songs are written and developed and also the results of what happens along the way.

I want to share the process of writing songs with people, maybe I may find some insight into how I can improve my songs. Hopefully I can gain some constructive feedback as to which songs are working etc. So I intend to log pretty much everything that goes into writing the songs, feedback from anyone reading this blog, and to whom I’m planning to present my work to etc.



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