A Start of Sorts

Ok, so I’ve established the basic idea of how this blog will run, but having never done a blog before, I have a whole host of questions and ideas.

Where do you start?

How do I use the technology available for both writing the blog, and also the songs that I am to record?

What frequency do I write in the blog? How much time can I commit to it, to be worthwhile?

Where will I get the ideas for writing the songs, what is my inspiration?

Lets start answering a few of these questions and see where that takes me!

‘And what you give is what you get’ according to the Jam that is, in the classic track ‘Start’. So what do I give to this daily blog? Well I don’t think it’s unreasonable to commit ten minutes every day to writing a few paragraphs, adding the odd video or picture to the blog, and start to build something new and exciting. Obviously I need to be happy with what is achievable in my busy life schedule. I have a steady weekday job working for my brother in law, which gives me a certain amount of time left over to cram exercise, band practice, daily chores, and a whole host of hobbies that fill my time. I will try my best to make this sacrosanct every day, I must commit!

In fact that gives me an idea, I sort of like the phrase, ‘I must commit’; it may be a possible song title or hook line, sort of a repeated phrase in a songs lyric.

I think I’m going to highlight any of these phrases I think worthy of making some sort of list I can use in italics. At a later date I can compile them and see which ones may be suitable for song material.

So thats my ten minutes for now, more of the above questions to be answered tomorrow with more ideas!





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