A Committed Start: Any Garage Band First Takers?

Ok here’s my ten minutes worth for today! It may run over.

I will continue to answer some of the questions from yesterday. I’m going to write a little about what might possibly influence the songs that I will write and where I get my ideas. Where I get any ideas depends on many things, whereby my life is in a constant state of flux. By that, an idea for a song could come from literally anywhere in my ever changing meandering lifestyle. The great thing about this blogging malarkey, is that the ideas can be documented and worked upon.  An ongoing record of progress and the development of songs is an idea that excites me very much.

So, what are the ideas from today then….?

Well I certainly want to write about the technology that I am using at present. I think it will be interesting to see the development of how I refine and the  to use of my iPad and macbook for producing, along with iPhone garage band/music memos to get ideas down.

This has made me think about the first song I composed using garage band, about four years ago………

It has got to be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever produced! I can remember thinking it sounded like a theme tune from a 1970’s american cop show; how I laughed at the result of using pretty much as many auto-preset functions to produce the song.  I wondered what the first takers of others using garage band sounded like. In what way would they be similar and in what way would they be different? So lets run with this idea! I need to learn how to use this site partly as a forum for garage band first takers? I would love to hear of peoples experience using the application, in particular what their first song sounded like……..

More tomorrow!


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