It’s Curry Night

Right then folks here’s my daily update! It’s curry night so a cheeky ten minutes worth before I indulge in the finest Bangladeshi cuisine.

Ok so I guess after last nights perseverance, I have noted that I need to be a little more savvy and clued up, as to how to get this blog looking a bit more professional.

I was particularly pleased that I had a go with iMovie which worked well for what I needed to do. I welcome any comments.

I did feel however that some points were missed on the video that I wanted to go through.

In particular I have simplified the way I use the iPad to record and write songs now. My main advice is keep everything simple otherwise the songs lose their feel and essence of what you originally wanted to do with them. Stick to four instruments max to start with when writing the meat of your songs. Consider it being like a sketchpad for music, don’t go in with all the colours on the pallet; it will get lost otherwise.

Back on the songwriting soon with a little guide to what I am using to interface my guitars, a keyboard and a microphone  up to the iPad and iMac.

Lots of prioritising to do also, but I have time on my side more during the weekend.

Last day of the working week tomorrow. Hurrah! ……….


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