No-ones Trading in Doubt!

Final blog of the working week! This being committed is hard I tell you!

I’m utterly shattered, sat here with a nice glass of bordeaux and my laptop.

Tonights blog might not be that coherent! Saying that, it may always lack a certain coherency; thats just the way it is.


Ive been picking away on my guitar, and singing my streams of consciousness into my iPhone using the music memos application; check it out its ‘free’ if you have an apple device!

This is a usual delight of my spare time these days. ‘Why, what’s the idea here?’, you may ask. Well, its a simple way to get ideas down, (no matter how shite your ideas may appear to be) they are saved. On playback, I go fishing for things that sound most appealing, like a hook line and/or a riff. You get a hook line you’ve won the jackpot for the day. Sometimes they are there, other times they are not! Somedays you get a good catch the others not a jot!

I try not to be disheartened when they don’t come, this cannot be forced. I must remain committed to this regular practice, in the knowledge that by the law of averages, something good will be lurking in the stuff I’ve recorded. I will try to remain patient.

The hook line from tonight’s fishing expedition is ‘no-ones trading in doubt‘. I’ll leave todays blog there……..more tomorrow.



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