It’s a Matter of Prioritising Ones Priorities!

Right then, what’s been happening today then?

Couple of more music memos recorded on my phone today worth a playback and review tomorrow. I have had a thought that I should review all the music memos on a weekly basis and pick out the juicy bits from ‘fishing expeditions’ previously done in the week. A weekly Sunday summary would be a nice way to round off the week. With a shortlist of song ideas and riffs to run with. Please bear with me on this, the best laid plans and all that…….’I must commit“.

Ok, lets now start to prioritise what I need to do next on this mission to write and record three songs (roughly every four weeks). I must admit that I have a slight head start as I already have a few ideas already laid down roughly on either my iMac or iPad. Tomorrow the cans (headphones) go on and all songs recorded up to now can be reviewed. A shortlist of three can be pursued, and a reminder of what I need to do next with the songs in their embryonic state. Maybe I need to write middle eights, last verse lyrics etc. Just a reminder of what needs to be done may get me focused on where I need to put time and effort in.

Oh and before I publish this blog for the day I need to take a few snapshots of what I am using to interface the iMac and iPad with my guitars/ microphone.

More again tomorrow.


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