If I Knew Where The Line Was, You Know I Would Break The Rules!

Photo on 29-10-2017 at 21.02Right then it’s been quite a productive day going through a whole host of recordings that have been laid down previously. The cans have been on!

I’ve shortlisted three tracks to work on in the next couple of weeks. Here’s what I’ve come up with with notes on what I intend to do:

Break The Rules: 

This song has a good groove, its baseline is addictive. The drums are perfect and don’t need to be messed with. I need to wright the lyrics to a second, third and fourth verse along with a possible  middle eight to break it up a bit. The rough three part harmonies need redoing in spite of a good approximation as to what final vocals will be. The hook line is ‘if I knew where the line was, you know that i’d break the rules‘  Possible experimentation on dropping out all instruments bar one, then reintroducing on final master. The song is about going through life on autopilot with no inspiration, then all of a sudden all bets are off, or are they on?

Kiss of Death: 

This song is almost done. It is about when I sometimes let myself down, and fail to work through and finish things I’ve started; initial ideas experience the ‘kiss of death’. I need to redo the main vocal track, add a fade out, cut the guitar riff and paste it appropriately. The drums need simplifying. Experimentation with alternative vocal attack/melody and possible backing vocals.

Living Hell:

This song needs to be as simple as possible. The original recording has a ridiculous amount of instruments on it; it needs stripping back and redoing. The chorus/bridge is woeful, however this could be redone/written. I like the main riff on the keyboard on this one that I could possibly cut and paste the best sample. It is a song about my experience as a teacher, not having any spare time and living with the onset of Rheumatoid Athritis.

I will try to upload the rough versions of these tracks so that they can be compared with a final version and the above makes a bit more sense. As always any comments are welcome.




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