I’m Mary Poppins! 

I’m Mary Poppins

When on the road

Stop at the tax dodger coffee shop

Need to rest my hens! 

Smile and a laugh sometimes 

Can I take a name for that?

Yes, it’s Wednesday so I’m Mary Poppins!

Had it been a Friday I would be Hugo First! 

Yes, I’m at one of the tax avoiders on the A14 Kettering services! This road drains the inspiration out of you!

At least I have my Spotify playlist to keep me awake! One of two things in the past 24 hours that I absorb as inspiration. The other being the film I saw last night called,  ‘the party’. Apart from being extremely funny and witty, it had many levels of social commentary. In particular, the double standards that politicians  have to sometimes take! There was loads in there; lots of interesting questions like, if you were an atheist all your life how conceivable would it be to consider faith if you were terminally diagnosed with acute illness? I rate this film at an easy 5/5! 


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