Into the Lions Mouth!

Well what a day its been!

First of all, I must thank Niko Omilana, for asking me to be in his film. Check this guy out on youtube he’s a real talent! Genuinely funny and pretty harmless in the pranks and videos he films.What a privilege!

Todays prank was no exception, for which I was very apprehensive about beforehand, but happy that I got involved in the end. The video will be edited soon and on youtube. At this juncture I would genuinely like to say say how fantastic the Stafford supermarket customer services really are (I’m not going to name the supermarket just in case at this juncture). Danny the guy that helped us in the film went above and beyond professionalism to help us out. Whether he suspected our bluff or not; he was genuinely a good guy just doing the best he could with the information he was presented at the time.  Whether there’s lots of funny stuff in there remains to be seen. From a personal point of view it was quite nerve-wracking trying to put on an accent for so long and bluff a story to get the filming done. We went into the lions mouth…..Niko you’re a crazy guy!….and there go the italics for a song title.

The second part of todays blog is about Tim Dowling, who retired as a History teacher after many long years, at the start of this summer just gone. It was great to catch up with the great man at his leaving do tonight. What a hero he is; he has given the gift that keeps giving again, in myriad ways to many future generations. He taught me to be tough, brave and carry on in adversity when playing rugby. In short, I am jealous in a way for all the pupils he taught history to (I never took it as an option at school). A really inspirational geezer is Tim, he makes everyone feel heroic in his presence. He is now a good friend. I feel proud and privileged.

I recorded a song on iPad camera this morning too, I’ll post it tomorrow all being well! Half wrote another new song too…….. Loads of stuff done. It’s been a very productive day!



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