Here’s a New Song From Today. Hoorah, I’m Having a Rant!

OK, whilst I’m uploading the video blog I’ll write a few sentences about the song Ive just written.

What’s it all about Jonny?

Well I think its obvious what the songs about, however, what inspired me though, was the utter contempt I have for past and present politicians. They think they have a right to dehumanise human beings.

Yes, we have a humanitarian crisis concerning migration, but what do our leaders refer to migrants as? Answer, ‘Swarms’. That makes it all easier then doesn’t it; we can wash our hands of the problem when children get washed up drowned on the beaches of Europe? At the same time, our failing economies become supported using the sale of arms. These arms inevitably bomb more innocent people, or end up in the hands of children thus heightening the problem of migration further! Does this sound like the crazy f***ing world we live in today?

Why don’t our governments stop selling these arms? I suspect that an obscenely wealthy minority have the majority of the say in matters concerning the sale of arms unfortunately.

Sorry I’m ranting on a bit here, the songs in a minor key and it needed a gritty  lyric to it. I’m running with the idea thats all. Bear with me for the next few songs, I’ll go for a more chirpier style next time I hope!

Oh and thanks to all friends on Facebook for the comments etc. it means a lot to me, keeping me going doing this blogging malarky.


Oh by the way I hope you like the turning paper solo!


2 thoughts on “Here’s a New Song From Today. Hoorah, I’m Having a Rant!

Add yours

  1. I love the beat and your voice is great, as well as your performance
    i would love if your voice was a bit higher
    i couldn’t recognize any lyrics
    keep it up and maybe publish this blog more around here
    i think it’s worth checking it out

    Liked by 1 person

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