Songwriting is my Panacea to Rheumatoid Athritis

Panacea Daily Prompt: Panacea

Right then a quick ten minutes on Panacea.

Ok I remember a song I liked from Rush’s album ‘Caress of Steel’ which firstly made me look this word up in the dictionary. The meaning at the time I think was “cure all’. My word! That was about twenty eight years ago when I loved listening to my Progressive Rock albums.

In the past couple of years I have struggled with rheumatoid arthritis which has put my teaching career on hold and made me change direction in career. How I would love to be pain free and rid of this chronic disease. How I would so wish for a panacea so that I can be free to do again, the things I did when I was firstly listening to those old prog rock albums. To continue to have the energy that I once had, without being drained and feeling utterly wiped out most days would need a miraculous panacea, that if I’m being realistic, is not an option.

Yes I’m managing the disease, some days are better than others. Playing and writing songs takes my mind off the pain and focusses new direction.

Guess my panacea is the songwriting blog. It also works for broken hearts too!

I’ll leave it there then!


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