If I could Learn to Lead You

Dancing Daily Prompt: Dancing

I’ve had plenty of coffee, Ive got plenty of dancing to do

I’ve got plenty of work on my plate.

You need no one to show you, how to wrap your arms around me,

All the people are dancing with high levels of sophistication.

There is nothing to stop you, you don’t have to be shown twice,

how to move your feet in certain direction with muscle memory.

But my memory will fade me, and if i don’t practice and I get it right.

But that does not really matter, cos I’m so relaxed and not up tight with you.

I have missed this for forty four years, always liked it the latin way,

And if I can’t see the sun in Birmingham as I travel in my van,

I will think of you. Will you put your arms around me?

If I could learn to lead you……………


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