Lets Detune to Black Lightning

I’ve been experimenting tonight with an alternative tuning on my guitar. The weekends stag do in Liverpool has inspired me; some friends on the stag were playing the guitar with alternative tunings.

I quite like to drop the bottom E to a C and the A down to a G; this being the tuning for Richard Thomson’s famous ‘Vincent Black Lightning’. There you go daily prompt, my tedious link to the word black!

As a result of being utterly shattered tonight, after dropping down the E and the A, I could not be bothered to find my capo. This is usually put on the fourth fret, however I decided to get a bit of a groove going without the capo. After experimentation using this alternative tuning I think I have the acorn of a new song.

Tomorrow I will record where I’m at with this song and also one or two other songs I’ve been working on……..Watch this space.


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