Are the new pornographers the closest we gonna get to ABBA?

Just having an old earole at the old music I love! I love both but get tingles to both! I am happy!


Notes from the waiting room.

Why are we waiting?

Our oversteatched resources devoid of cash,

Have we spent the money on something else?

Have we fed the casino of the super rich?

blamed the migrants for our wait,

abuse ourselves to hide the truth,

with weekend alcohol to binge.

harder now a government not fit to govern?

To unhinge from power, and release the real burden !


Seasonal indications.

I’m tired again, is it the winter drawing near?

Is it the shorter days, the wood store diminishing into a smaller pile? As the fire boasts warmth for cold nights?

The naked trees leaving their dark etching across the late autumn sky!

Yes I am tired again, I need to sleep, wake me up when the spring brings back its joy !

It’s late November and everything is Christmas already!

There must surely be better ways to boost our economy than the debt racking that this phenomenon brings!

What a waste, more consumed and thrown away with the effulgence, to live happily with the sludge worms!

There is plastic at the deepest depths of our oceans! It doesn’t matter because Christmas is here in November!

Sometimes I End Up Catastrophizing!

Not the best word to spell really in the first place is it? It’s a catastrophe trying to remember how to spell it without a spell check in the first place! Oh the irony.

So what’s been happening, well ……

I spent the whole night catastrophizing over the film that I helped my friend with the other week. (See Into the Lions Mouth).

As a result I’m sort of writing this on the fly;

going around in circles in my head, I had little sleep within my bed,

excited and apprehensive, what will be the worst that can happen?

then again the list of scenarios, to keep for the sleepless night to avail. 

cranky morning lifting sunken eyelids, 

I must find ways to deal with this!




New Riffs For Your Perusal

via Daily Prompt: Riff 

Ok so last post on this blog was about the riff/chord sequence on a detuned bottom E and  A string (Vincent Black Lightning tuning). Well tonight I’ve recorded a couple of experiments using the tuning without the capo on fourth. I think there’s potential in both ideas! All comments welcome. Well what is a riff anyway? Can a riff have chords?


Lets Detune to Black Lightning

I’ve been experimenting tonight with an alternative tuning on my guitar. The weekends stag do in Liverpool has inspired me; some friends on the stag were playing the guitar with alternative tunings.

I quite like to drop the bottom E to a C and the A down to a G; this being the tuning for Richard Thomson’s famous ‘Vincent Black Lightning’. There you go daily prompt, my tedious link to the word black!

As a result of being utterly shattered tonight, after dropping down the E and the A, I could not be bothered to find my capo. This is usually put on the fourth fret, however I decided to get a bit of a groove going without the capo. After experimentation using this alternative tuning I think I have the acorn of a new song.

Tomorrow I will record where I’m at with this song and also one or two other songs I’ve been working on……..Watch this space.

I can let go of my ego better than you!

What a night! Liverpool fantastic in its spectacular fashion; friendly people and culture! I’ve loads to not do today but if I can; I’ll be happy to indulge in nothing but a hangover and beef dripping!

Trying to be zen about it all ! I can let go of the ego much better than you can!

The Hangover

I must tread carefully as I meander through the empty bottles and cans towards the kitchen!

Gingerly I look up with throbbing head towards the cupboard above!

Tremble ginger biscuit crumb fingers slide the inside of packet, rumble stomach need ginger biscuit crumble.

Need paracetamol to kick to touch the throb! What day is it?

Never will I drink that much again but never will I keep that promise!


Ok, so what’s been going on then. Still much work to do but am utterly exhausted after Zumba tonight.

I want to go and see the new Blade Runner film, however it will finish way past my bedtime and I have an early start on the road tomorrow.

I can’t say that I’m going to get much done in the way of songwriting this coming weekend either; I have a stag do in the old Liverpool to attend.

Despite all these commitments, I will however remain loyal to the ten minutes of blogging every night.

Recently I have used the daily blog a number of times for inspiration. I was pleased it fitted well last night, with a song I wrote about dancing in the Jamhouse in Birmingham. I will try to upload a somewhat raw version of the song I have previously recorded in last nights blog, however I’m struggling to airdrop and send the file over to the mac to put on this blog?


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