If I could Learn to Lead You

Dancing Daily Prompt: Dancing

I’ve had plenty of coffee, Ive got plenty of dancing to do

I’ve got plenty of work on my plate.

You need no one to show you, how to wrap your arms around me,

All the people are dancing with high levels of sophistication.

There is nothing to stop you, you don’t have to be shown twice,

how to move your feet in certain direction with muscle memory.

But my memory will fade me, and if i don’t practice and I get it right.

But that does not really matter, cos I’m so relaxed and not up tight with you.

I have missed this for forty four years, always liked it the latin way,

And if I can’t see the sun in Birmingham as I travel in my van,

I will think of you. Will you put your arms around me?

If I could learn to lead you……………


Faint Similes

Faint Daily Prompt: Faint

Like the unobtrusive whisper of a sound coming from headphones, as one track leaks onto another, when recording a song.

Like the memory of a classic seventies album when hearing the ‘Next new thing’

Like the ripples of a new blog reaching the limits of distant readers in far away places.

Like the cosmic background radiation and signals from the cosmos.

Like the result of light pressure applied to graphite as the artist lays the foundation of their masterpiece on their sketchpad.

Like the map indicating the direction with which to take tomorrow’s blog!

Songwriting is my Panacea to Rheumatoid Athritis

Panacea Daily Prompt: Panacea

Right then a quick ten minutes on Panacea.

Ok I remember a song I liked from Rush’s album ‘Caress of Steel’ which firstly made me look this word up in the dictionary. The meaning at the time I think was “cure all’. My word! That was about twenty eight years ago when I loved listening to my Progressive Rock albums.

In the past couple of years I have struggled with rheumatoid arthritis which has put my teaching career on hold and made me change direction in career. How I would love to be pain free and rid of this chronic disease. How I would so wish for a panacea so that I can be free to do again, the things I did when I was firstly listening to those old prog rock albums. To continue to have the energy that I once had, without being drained and feeling utterly wiped out most days would need a miraculous panacea, that if I’m being realistic, is not an option.

Yes I’m managing the disease, some days are better than others. Playing and writing songs takes my mind off the pain and focusses new direction.

Guess my panacea is the songwriting blog. It also works for broken hearts too!

I’ll leave it there then!

Here’s a New Song From Today. Hoorah, I’m Having a Rant!

OK, whilst I’m uploading the video blog I’ll write a few sentences about the song Ive just written.

What’s it all about Jonny?

Well I think its obvious what the songs about, however, what inspired me though, was the utter contempt I have for past and present politicians. They think they have a right to dehumanise human beings.

Yes, we have a humanitarian crisis concerning migration, but what do our leaders refer to migrants as? Answer, ‘Swarms’. That makes it all easier then doesn’t it; we can wash our hands of the problem when children get washed up drowned on the beaches of Europe? At the same time, our failing economies become supported using the sale of arms. These arms inevitably bomb more innocent people, or end up in the hands of children thus heightening the problem of migration further! Does this sound like the crazy f***ing world we live in today?

Why don’t our governments stop selling these arms? I suspect that an obscenely wealthy minority have the majority of the say in matters concerning the sale of arms unfortunately.

Sorry I’m ranting on a bit here, the songs in a minor key and it needed a gritty  lyric to it. I’m running with the idea thats all. Bear with me for the next few songs, I’ll go for a more chirpier style next time I hope!

Oh and thanks to all friends on Facebook for the comments etc. it means a lot to me, keeping me going doing this blogging malarky.


Oh by the way I hope you like the turning paper solo!

Into the Lions Mouth!

Well what a day its been!

First of all, I must thank Niko Omilana, for asking me to be in his film. Check this guy out on youtube he’s a real talent! Genuinely funny and pretty harmless in the pranks and videos he films.What a privilege!

Todays prank was no exception, for which I was very apprehensive about beforehand, but happy that I got involved in the end. The video will be edited soon and on youtube. At this juncture I would genuinely like to say say how fantastic the Stafford supermarket customer services really are (I’m not going to name the supermarket just in case at this juncture). Danny the guy that helped us in the film went above and beyond professionalism to help us out. Whether he suspected our bluff or not; he was genuinely a good guy just doing the best he could with the information he was presented at the time.  Whether there’s lots of funny stuff in there remains to be seen. From a personal point of view it was quite nerve-wracking trying to put on an accent for so long and bluff a story to get the filming done. We went into the lions mouth…..Niko you’re a crazy guy!….and there go the italics for a song title.

The second part of todays blog is about Tim Dowling, who retired as a History teacher after many long years, at the start of this summer just gone. It was great to catch up with the great man at his leaving do tonight. What a hero he is; he has given the gift that keeps giving again, in myriad ways to many future generations. He taught me to be tough, brave and carry on in adversity when playing rugby. In short, I am jealous in a way for all the pupils he taught history to (I never took it as an option at school). A really inspirational geezer is Tim, he makes everyone feel heroic in his presence. He is now a good friend. I feel proud and privileged.

I recorded a song on iPad camera this morning too, I’ll post it tomorrow all being well! Half wrote another new song too…….. Loads of stuff done. It’s been a very productive day!


Tomorrow Never Knows!

Ok, nearly two weeks of commitment on this blogging malarky!

Congratulations me;  however much more work to be done.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, as I have been asked to do some acting in a friends film. All I can put here for now, is that it involves an element of risk/bravado but I have been assured it is a little harmless fun. All will be revealed in the goodness of time! There may be a song in the experience somewhere!

As for the songwriting?………a few music memos laid down tonight; I think as as long as I get something down every day I’ve achieved something and I should be worry free. I need to keep playing in my covers band, to remain confident and well practiced at playing in front of ordinances.

A good friend of mine sent me a link for an acoustic night in Birmingham at the Jamhouse. I must try to get a spot on this gig, I must commit! I need three songs, I’ve got loads started that need finishing! Will I have time to get a small acoustic set sorted for the end of the month, if I can get a spot on the stage? I can at least give it my best shot!

I Must Resuscitate The Day!

I am a very tired songwriter this evening, and I have reached certain juncture whereby my creative spirit seems to have left me for today.

Sure I’ve had a great session of exercise and cooked some delicious fajitas (one thing I have had time for.) The question is what do I do next with this blog and the songwriting?

The last few days, not a soul has read my blog, and I’m a bit down because of that?. I must carry on regardless with the original task in hand. I am going to work on ‘Living Hell‘ for half an hour and see if i can cut and paste the main riff. At least the smallest of tasks in a positive way may give me just a little gained from the day!

More tomorrow…….I must Commit!

I’m Mary Poppins! 

I’m Mary Poppins

When on the road

Stop at the tax dodger coffee shop

Need to rest my hens! 

Smile and a laugh sometimes 

Can I take a name for that?

Yes, it’s Wednesday so I’m Mary Poppins!

Had it been a Friday I would be Hugo First! 

Yes, I’m at one of the tax avoiders on the A14 Kettering services! This road drains the inspiration out of you!

At least I have my Spotify playlist to keep me awake! One of two things in the past 24 hours that I absorb as inspiration. The other being the film I saw last night called,  ‘the party’. Apart from being extremely funny and witty, it had many levels of social commentary. In particular, the double standards that politicians  have to sometimes take! There was loads in there; lots of interesting questions like, if you were an atheist all your life how conceivable would it be to consider faith if you were terminally diagnosed with acute illness? I rate this film at an easy 5/5! 

Some Very Rough Tracks For Your Perusal!

A very quick blog tonight as I’m about to go to the cinema to get some cultural inspiration.

In the meantime I will leave this part of the blog with the three tracks that are in their rawest of embryonic states. I intend to play them in their fully matured state in the not to distant future. All comments are welcome.


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